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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
Did anyone notice? After it's over the big guy drags his 'victim' about - as though with some purpose in mind - then picks up the 'victim's phone and walks off with it.
I saw it. Good news too because it will add to the list of charges but also interesting because it suggests a degree of impunity when it comes to this sort of thing.

Dave, nice posts.

To all of you talking about the bystanders, mayhaps you should also be thinking about gang affiliation which also means guns. As a bystander you dial 911, get ready to be a damn fine witness if called upon and put out nice thoughts. Plus, maybe the bystanders recognized that in the guy which is why they got the hell out of the way.

So, what do you do? You do something crazy or outside the box. You get your ass behind the counter with the staff, if you can. You drop to your knees and bow profusely per the Terry Dobsen technique. You deck the guy next to you. You start a verbal confrontation with the guy next to you. You beat the crap out of your jacket per the Richie Cunningham technique. You grab some furniture (tables and chairs) and start throwing it around while making an even bigger ruckus than psycho woman, plus a chair can be a weapon. You break out in song. Anything to break the pattern of disorientation by the woman and assault by the guy. But really, who is going to do this stuff?

Fighting is also a no-win for one more reason. If you had precognitive abilities and knew what was coming then you have to deck the woman before the guy comes in. Remember, she might have a weapon so she HAS to go down, and stay down, in my opinion. Anyone up for that? I'm not?

Then you have to attack him, first, with murderous intent, hopefully while he's tending to the woman. But you can only do that IF you know what's coming and even then it just might get you killed rather than concussed. Plus, then you get to go to jail where he's certain to have more friends than you do. And, as Dave pointed out the guy is probably armed. So, basically, you have to kill him. Something else I'd prefer not to be up to.

Honestly, a beating and a few brain cells isn't that harsh a price given some of the alternatives.

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