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Re: multiple teachers in one dojo

Dave Organ wrote:
Why does a ship have a captain?
Well, that has nothing to do with whether or not another type of organization is or is not viable in a completely different situation.

Dave Organ wrote:
While people can have say - even a lot of say in how a dojo is run and what is taught; someone must be there to make the final decision. An anarchy - however well-intentioned - is unstable. Sooner or later; disagreement crops up. While that is in no way a bad thing unless taken to extremes, someone must be there to insure it does not go to extremes. If, for example, people don't agree on how a class is to be taught, someone has to stop the argument and make a decision. That person is the leader.
We weren't talking about anarchy, we were talking about democracy (I wasn't the one who brought up the word). There are plenty of viable organizational models in between anarchy and dictatorship.



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