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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Willy Lee wrote:
And hey, I wouldn't spend too much time criticizing the victim's actions after that punch lands. Unless you train regularly when semi-conscious.
Well that's interesting. I guess as soon as we get hit hard by someone we should just curl up and kiss it all goodbye and not even try to escape (not fight mind you, escape). Interesting concept.

I have a few folks (Boxing types) who train and get hit a lot, sometimes I join them for the experience of getting hit. I agree one's options can get quickly and extremely limited after the first shot lands (especially if you are dumb enough to let it land at full force), but in the video the "victim" was punched in a way that placed him nearer to the point of escape than he had been before the altercation. In fact he was in the doorway at one point and still standing. Instead of turning to go back towards danger (which is what he did), primal instinct dictates "run away from danger" until one's legs gave out if necessary. This has nothing to do with training. To me, it appears the "Victim" may have believed his own bad boy BS so much that he did not know what to do when placed on the receiving end of Bullydom (is that a word?).

Dave-O said:
Far as I can see; this was as close to an unavoidable incident I've ever seen - good example of why 'if you don't look for trouble, trouble won't find you' doesn't always work.
I totally agree with Dave. What I am wondering though is if we are placed in an "unavoidable incident" as Dave says above, do we do nothing because the guy is decidedly bigger, stronger etc.? Given whatever training we do I mean. Last time I checked (in Aikido) one did not allow the attacker to take one's energy and will to survive via intimidation tactics, and even when it does happen, do we not even make an attempt to survive? This last part has not much to do with the video, but the second part of the question. What would you do? Remember, self defence is not about fighting (which is what happens after you have failed at the more effective aspects like conflict evasion), it is about surviving and escaping. Do we give up as soon as we get hit or realise the guy is bigger, stronger or has friends and we can't run away, or do we try something that helps us get into a favourable escape situation at some point during the conflict?

Just my 2 cents. I reserve the right to be wrong.

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