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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

As usual, DaveO nails it.

Of course you look at it and think of what could have been done differently. Work on your deescalation skills. Work on tactics for when the deescalation doesn't work. But I doubt as many as 0.1% of the general population would have been able to avoid a busted face if you were in that guy's position.

Much less of a size disparity and equal or greater viciousness/ferocity and willingness to hit first-- maybe.

Insanely great deescalation skills, about Ghandi level, perhaps Houdini-like illusion ability -- maybe.

A really good fighter, with training and experience to deal with that first bomb -- maybe.

Hey, it's easy to look at the video and see that first punch coming. Maybe not so easy when down on the ground. In fact, the slow windup can actually help hide the coming punch -- it may look like he's just slightly turning away and get "lost in the noise". Looks like Big Guy may have had practice with that little trick. A lot of practice.

And hey, I wouldn't spend too much time criticizing the victim's actions after that punch lands. Unless you train regularly when semi-conscious.


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