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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Every aikidoist I've met has been real open and equal in their views.

I think more females might be encouraged to join a dojo if they see females there already.

While the aikido community is very open, in my opinion, outside observers might think less of us, or most martial arts probably, because of the unequal representation of women. There's no active descrimination, so the lack of representation may just be because women aren't as interested/don't have time/any other valid reason.

But some aikido instructors just may have never thought about trying to actively include women in training. Both dojos I've been a member of have been very supportive of getting women to train and are great environments for any gender.

I dont know if I have a point, but it might just be there generally is a disparity between the amount of men vs. women training and there's no good reason for that, so everyone should be encouraged to train.

*I'm sure that point has been brought up several times in this thread*

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