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Re: Equitable?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
How would you know? Have you ever gone to an expo? Did you ever try to organize such an event? What is your opinion based on?

Perhaps if you went, took the time to read about the instructors, planned out which instructors/styles you would focus on, which you would use to fill gaps in the schedule, which were 'obligatory' appearances for affiliations sake, you would find that you COULD learn quite a bit, as well as just having a *ing good time...

Hi Ron,
Don't get too much excited
I'm not talking here about superficial learning few tricks, I want to learn core of instructor transmission (even in this environement).
From my personal experience, I have big difficulty to switch from one style aikido to other. It takes me 2-3 hours of practice. I don't want to practice like in my home dojo. But with this number of instructors, it is virtually not possible.

but may be I'm not smart enough

ps. recently I found to benefit more from very small seminars.


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