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Re: Equitable?

Mary Eastland wrote:
[SNIP].. My Aikido has a lot to do with peace love dove stuff. It also has helped me transform from a woman who has been raped and beaten to who I am today. So don't give me any of that real thing stuff.
Hmmmmm. Mary, I don't have any quarrel with what you personally want to do and I feel badly that you've undergone a very bad experience. But I think what O-Sensei did was "the real stuff" and that's more what I tend to focus on than women's issues, men's machismo, religiosity, etc. If you can present a logical and compelling case that what you do is "the real stuff", I'm anxious to listen.
My hope for Aikido is that some day more women will be safe. The way I see it is that more women teaching and being visible in organizations will make Aikido more available to more and younger women.
Do you consider Aikido as you do it a dependable means of self-defense?
Do women have to smiling and charming for you to listen to them?
Sadly, I tend to treat women exactly as I do men and I have the same criteria for them as I do men. If they are strong, smart, and dependable I tend to like them. If anyone doesn't have much personal worth and character, I tend to avoid them. It pisses a lot of women off when I do that, I think. Some women want to be treated just like men..... but special.


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