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Re: Equitable?

A member of the local Aikido KenkyuKai group here in Phila. has been speaking to me about helping to put an embu together featuring a wide array of local instructors. The first hurdle we talked about was enlisting the support of the major organizations. To give a small idea of the groups that would need to be involved to be representative:

Yoshinkan (Doshinkan), Utada Sensei
Aikido KenkyuKai, Kirisawa Sensei, Lia Suzuki Sensei
USAF East, Smith Sensei, Waite Sensei, Tamaini Sensei, Jeff Bowden Sensei, Taleb Sensei
USAF West, Lyons Sensei
Ki Society (I only know one person in PA, and that is a member not the instructor), Pierce Sensei
Saotome Sensei's group, Goldberg Sensei
Independants (there are a lot, at least 3 that I know of)

And I've probably left out someone who might very well be offended...this is just who I can think of off the top of my head. Challenges:

Some of these groups may have had 'issues' in the past.

Some generally don't do outside events (even the yoshinkan until recently didn't go outside much).

What venue would be acceptable to all of the groups?

Would all of the goups do this for free? If there is a fee at the door, how much? How do you split any revenue?

How long do people demo for? Are there different time allotments for bigger groups? Higher ranked instructors?

How do you decide who goes when? (cross organzational rank issues, anyone?)

And I've probably just scratched the surface as far as issues are concerned. I don't know if this type of event will happen anytime soon, the closest was probably Utada Sensei's 25 anniversary, maybe the joint seminar between Utada and Ikeda Sensei. But it took a lot of work, money and sweat to pull those off...If this is even bigger, with a wider intended audience...I shudder just to think of the work it would take to do it well.

And I've only listed *one* female instructor, who actually spends most of her time on the west coast now...I believe there is another one in New Jersey, but for the life of me, I can't remember her name.


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