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Stanley Pranin
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Re: Equitable?


Lynn Seiser was kind enough to point out the existence of this thread on the subject of women instructors at Aiki Expo 2005. I have read every single post and I really appreciate all of the input that contributors have offered in this discussion. I have learned a great deal from reading all of your different opinions.

Putting on an event like the Expo has many consequences. One thing for sure, even though there may be a broad basis of support for such open events, you're sure to offend many people for very different reasons. You will invite too few or too many instructors. You will have too few minorities or not enough women or too many Japanese instructors. You will hold the event at the wrong time of year. You will charge too much for the event, and so on.

If you want to conduct an interesting experiment, try this. Post a message with the following title: "How I would organize an Aiki Expo." Go ahead and provide as much detail as you can. Where would you hold your Expo? At what time of year will it take place? How many instructors would you invite (don't forget to provide a list of names!)? How much admission will you charge? What will be the theme of your event?

Go ahead, write something up and then press the "Submit" button. That's when the fun will start!

Stanley Pranin

P.S. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you all to attend Aiki Expo 2005 to be held May 27-29 in LA!
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