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Re: Equitable?


If I had my way, I would invite several female instructors each year. We don't have the funds to by flying people in, but I did invite a relatively local and highly skilled female instructor to come do a seminar at my dojo after spending an entire seminar taking her ukemi at someone else's dojo. She didn't even respond to my invitation. I inquired with friends in her dojo and they told me it was because my dojo was in the wrong organization. That could have been ideal given her proximity, and the excellent aikido she did. What I learned is that I can't even work towards adderssing the problem given the current politics. So, the only way to deal with the problem I can see is start from now on.


"The problem is not a paucity of good quality female instructors." The problem would be a paucity of good quality female instructors who are as good quality as the current male senior level instructors. I can't name one female 7th degree black belt in the States or Japan, can you? No doubt there are excellent female aikido instructors, there just aren't very many who are senior to the majority of the senior level male instructors in year 2005.

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