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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Equitable?

No Rob, you're not alone. More women, more minorities training means that eventually there will be more participating at the top levels. I don't think anyone will question that.

But here is one example, and I use them only as an example. I know personally of some really excellent women and minority instructors in the USAF. But the USAF (as someone already mentioned) is not those instructors are out of the pool right off the bat. Its not that they weren't invited (I'm almost positive on that), its that their leadership doesn't want to attend. That is in no way Stan's fault.

As for the reaction shown in this thread...I've seen it in varying degrees before on similar issues, and believe me, this is mild. Try posting something like this to Rec.martial-arts. The fact of the matter is, whether its women, or blacks, or anyone point out disparities like this, there are a group of people who will punt it into the next block. Some of those people have some serious issues...and some of those people really just want to focus on the skills/art/item at hand. They aren't racist, or sexist...they just want to see the skills. If you lump the two groups together, you alienate some of the very allies you could make good use of. So when you bring up this type of observation, it pays to be thinking real hard about what it is you want to accomplish, and how your words will work to that end.


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