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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Mistakes the victim made:

1) Talking smack with a woman. She was almost his own size! I think SHE could have taken him out... and who is going to win a fight between a man and a woman? The woman will, because the guy should have never laid a hand on her in the first place.

2) Being arrogant. The guy should have kept his mouth shut in the first place. Talking out loud so that everyone could hear was a sign of disrespect. The woman, though in the wrong, was thereby challenged and had to do something about it. And she did.

3) Body language. Don't "puff up" and act all bad unless your ready to see it through. Clearly, he wasn't... not even with the woman. He thought he was... he was dead wrong. ESPECIALLY when Bubba walked in.

4) Don't jack with Bubba. That guy was HUGE! NEVER tell someone that size that you are right and he and his girl friend are wrong. That's just STUPID! Pride got in the way of common sense. Anytime I see someone that size coming my way, I make it a point for them to know I'm on their side... even though I'm probably not. By doing that, I'm no longer a threat. THEN... if I need to do something to defend myself or another... it'll be coming out of the blue. They won't know what hit him.

5) After the fight started, he should have gone under the counter or out the door. That space was too damn small to do anything with, it was TWO against ONE and no one standing around was going to interject. Running one way or another was his only choice at that point. BUT... sitting there and taking it was stupid as well. If you get knocked down... MOVE! Don't sit there and hope they stop. That's as stupid and starting that crap in the first place.

Personally, I'd like to see the "victim" get ticketed for assult. He was acting in a threatening way against the girl and that was wrong. That is what started the whole damn thing and he needs to understand that as well.

But that's just me...

PS: No amount of aikido (techniques) I know would have helped. That space was too small to do a damn thing and the guy was too strong. Who here can honestly say they could have locked down a wrist lock on that guy? If you can, you've been at aikido for over five years and really know your stuff... or your lying to yourself. I'm a big dude, and I wouldn't have even bothered. You screw it up, your dead.

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