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Re: Exam Question for Beginning Aikidoists

I do not think that many university and college courses in aikido are taught here in Japan. In my own university students have to take sport and physical education as part of their liberal arts education before they proceed to their majors. This involves practical training on the pitch or mound and also much desk study.
The Aikikai requires a paper as part of the examination for 2nd dan 3rd dan and 4th dan. For 2nd and 3rd dan the paper is a 'kansoubun' 感想文 that sets out what one feels about the art. for 4th dan the paper is a 'shouronbun' 小論文 short thesis, that deals with issues and presents some reasoned argument.

As Peter R has mentioned, this is fully in the samurai/bushi tradition of having a good blend of bun 文 and bu 武.

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