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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

I don't think criticizing the bystanders for inaction is fair. Because they all stood there and minded their own business, cell phone guy got beat down, T-Rex left, and that was the end of story. Keep in mind these people could not afford themselves the degree of detached retrospection that we can viewing this video in front of our computer screens.

If I was there, I'm probably thinking "I should go help this guy out, but then what if T-Rex just turns around and decapitates me too? Maybe some other guys will jump in to help, but what if they get hurt too? What if we wreck the place? What if T-Rex comes back tomorrow with his homies and shoots up the place?" etc., and keep in mind in this time frame I don't even really know the whole story of what's going on, plus cell phone guy is all up in T-Rex's face to begin with, so is it really my place? Really, all I want is my pizza.

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