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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the role the woman played in all of this. She committed multiple assaults: spitting on the employee and hitting cell phone guy in the back of the head. She was looking for trouble for whatever reason and the poor bastards were it. Plus, I bet that she knew exactly how the guy would react in that situation.

As to what you do, well, you get screwed. The only thing, and I doubt very many people could have pulled this off, would be to leave the moment the woman went psycho but then you'd have to know what was waiting outside. On the other hand, you might get worse outside..

Sure, lots wrong from a self-defense point but I suspect the guy was just trying to be invisible (like everyone else) which is also a tactic. You just put your head down and try to stay out of the way. As to the cell phone, well, no way he was thinking clearly at that point but I'm not confident any of us would have been smarter.
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