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Re: Exam Question for Beginning Aikidoists

If you go back to the original post you will see that Neil is talking about a college level class. When I was attending the college I happened to take a Yoga class as well as a Fencing and Archery class. All classes including Physical Education electives where required some degree of classroom lecture, some type of text, and some type of written exam or paper to fulfill academic requirements. Thus the final grade was not wholly dependent upon the individual's physical performance. If I understand Neil's posts correctly that is why he instituted his take home exam. Complete understanding of Aikido can not be achieved solely by academic study; however, there is a plethora of sources that can be used to facilitate academic inquiry. Out of curiosity, Neil, did you use a text book? And if so, which book did you select?
It seems to me that the class is for a grade on the student's academic record and not as a specific member of an Aikido dojo. So, another curiosity question for you, Neil, is do you run an Aikido club or dojo at the school and how many of your students in the class continue on in their Aikido?
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