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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
[snip] Given that there are plenty of women instructors that could fill the bill. While their numbers are few we do need to do what we can to encourage their participation.
Why do we need to encourage anyone over anyone else in Aikido? Why not just do Aikido?
Also, what does gender have to do with aikido? Some one here just stated that maybe there would be more women instructors if rank was based less on skill. That is the problem -- Women instructors are not seen as skilled. While, yes, ideally, gender shouldn't matter, given the state of gender bias in our culture, and apparently on this board, but in reality, it does.
I don't think I'm gender-biased. I think the real problem is that I honestly don't care about gender and I care only about ability in the many things I am interested in. Some of the best people in some of my favorite pursuits happen to be women. What I think may be happening is that if I don't have a special concern for women (in the eyes of some women) then I am "hostile" toward women. Have you ever thought about the effects of having a chip on your shoulder? Can't we just Aikido along?
And once again I will point out that all the negative and hostile posters on this thread have proven my point that if a woman raises this issue then such a view is met with hostitlity on these forums. Why weren't you guys this hostile with George Ledyard?
Beccause George Ledyard didn't start an unfriendly thread intimating other people were in the wrong?????

Ledyard Sensei, where are you now?
At a restaurant?

Mike Sigman
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