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Vincent Paglia
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

I think the guy was unprepared for a real assault, as Senshincenter said. It is a common thing in American culture to be a billy bad ass but not actually engage in violence. A casual trip to any college bar or frat party will give you plenty of evidence to support this proposition. I think it stems from our reliance on image rather than reality. As a total side note, my friend just got back from Brazil and he said that the hardest gangsters in the hardest slums down there will smile and say hey to strangers like him. Dudes who will cut your throat in 2 seconds if you mess up their money but who are friendly and easy going otherwise. In this culture, we have the opposite--people who are totally unprepared for any type of violence but want to give off the proper masculine image.

To the specifics of the assault. I do not have extensive experience in any martial art, so I'm mostly trying to learn from others on this thread. Obviously, looking down was his mistake--he was looking down b/c he wanted to send a message to the big guy that he didn't actually want to fight, but that was too little, too late at that point. I disagree with an above commentator that the confrontation was inevitable. I think that if he had stood straight up in a ready position and maintained proper distance and balance, there is probably a good chance that the attacker would not have struck him at all. The first swing did not begin until AFTER the "victim" looked downward, so I don't know if an attack was inevitable, or perhaps the outcome was not inevitable. So that was his first mistake.

If he had been looking up (and like I said, if he had been looking up, he may not have been hit at all), he could easily have got off the line of attack, b/c the first slap/punch took a full second of cocking back and preparing before it actually made contact. Ikkyo may be hard to do without moving first (not much space there) b/c moving the attacker's arm would be difficult since he is so big and probably strong, but he could have led the attacker's energy toward him (the victim), moving toward around the attacker (sort of towards the door) somewhat like kokyu or irimi nage until the attacker's force was dissipated and then use ikkyo or many other techniques (some of which I haven't learned yet). I've never used aikido in a real life combat situation, but if I had to guess, I'd say he could've resolved this situation using aikido.
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