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Re: "Muto"

Dave Humm wrote:
I wonder if any of the board's Japanese speaking or native speaking members might be able to explain the meaning of "muto" in relation or context of sword disarming application.
Working from memory here--always a scary thought--but didn't Tsukuhara Bokuden claim to be a student of Muto-ryu, "No Sword School", when he answered that famous challenge on the boat?

MUTO was a famous practice of the Yagyus, no? Wasn't Muneyoshi, at the time a famed swordsman himself, bested by Kamiizumi (?) without the latter having even taken up a blade--thus MUTO. The Yagyus then worked out a curriculum for it. IIRC, the old man guessed that as good as he was at it, he could do it successfully only 6 out of 10 times.

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