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Re: Equitable?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
Now, I'm sure Stanely has his reasons and more of it has to do with logistics, but I don't believe that this takes away the apparent disparity of representation of gender. Given that there are plenty of women instructors that could fill the bill. While their numbers are few we do need to do what we can to encourage their participation.
I still have the same question. Is the solution to the apparent disparity of representation of gender to introduce actual disparity in the selection of instructors - to select them on the basis of their gender?

For me, if someone invited me to teach based upon (even in part) my ethnic make-up, I'd turn them down flat. Now, in extreme cases (such as have existed in the past in the US) I can see the argument for extraordinary methods in order to remedy imbalances brought about by discriminatory actions, but does that extreme really exist in the Aikido world?



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