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Re: Equitable?

I think you guys need to take some chill pills. Stop, breath, and relax. Mary's question was no way hostile, BUT your responses are.

I read Mary's question as a great follow-up to George Ledyards article discussed in this recent thread

Need I need remind you Mr. Ledyards main point was that we need to support women instructors, go to their seminars and invite them to seminars?

Now, I'm sure Stanely has his reasons and more of it has to do with logistics, but I don't believe that this takes away the apparent disparity of representation of gender. Given that there are plenty of women instructors that could fill the bill. While their numbers are few we do need to do what we can to encourage their participation.

Also, what does gender have to do with aikido? Some one here just stated that maybe there would be more women instructors if rank was based less on skill. That is the problem -- Women instructors are not seen as skilled. While, yes, ideally, gender shouldn't matter, given the state of gender bias in our culture, and apparently on this board, but in reality, it does.

And once again I will point out that all the negative and hostile posters on this thread have proven my point that if a woman raises this issue then such a view is met with hostitlity on these forums. Why weren't you guys this hostile with George Ledyard?

Ledyard Sensei, where are you now? All the folks who supported Ledyard Sensei's column, where are you now? It's this kind of hostility that women can face every day in the workplace, home, and, yes, sometimes, even in the dojo. Until this reality changes, gender will continue to matter.

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