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Mike Collins
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Am I the only one offended and outraged by what a bunch of wussies (the cleaned up version of what I was really wanting to say) are standing around trying not to acknowledge what's happening?

This culture is sick. People are so damned afraid of lawyers, and people with guns, that we are willing to let a crime of stupidity, ugliness and really lousy punching skills take place while at least 5-6 people just stand there and smile like idiots. 1 big goof gets to act like a damned T-Rex because everyone is afraid he might turn on them. Hardly an apex predator, but he has the 'tude, so he gets away with it (till he goes to the pen). There is absolutely no reason he should have been able to keep hitting the (admittedly stupid) victim after the first shot. Fear wins another round.

Sick world. Too many lawyers, not enough guns. And men afraid to intervene because of a sick legal system.
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