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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

I get this type of question (in many varying forms) all of the time from potential new students where I train. My answer always has to be this. I am not fast. I could never get into a boxing match with any decent opponent and win. If I had to go toe to toe throwing punches with that guy, I would not like the outcome. Therefore, I would have to say that as soon as the aggressor broke ma-ai (safe distance, don't know if I spelled it right), action must begin. That is, as soon as the attacker moved in to get into the guys face, he should have been moving. I think a two handed shomen ate would have been a good start (and possibly the end as well), and I favor that because it can lead into a load of techniques with minimal transitions. My sensei has always told me that my technique starts the instant that an agressor breaks ma-ai. I know that there is a question of who will win on the legal side of things, but as far as self defense is concerned, this is where I think that it would sit.
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