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Mike Collins
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

If you are gonna act like a bad ass at all, you MUST be willing to throw the first, second, third, and as many succeeding blows as necessary to walk away safe. NEVER bump bellies with anyone unless you own them. This is exactly what the perpetrator did. He was willing to stand straight and let the smaller guy act up so he could pick his spot, wait for a blink of unawareness so he could nail him. It was never, in his mind, an option to NOT hit tis guy, it was a matter of how and when and where, but never if.

What this man could have done to prevent it, I don't know. I don't know what got the woman worked up in the first place. But once he'd gotten himself into this situation, his only option was to beat the big guy to the punch(es, as many as possible) and pray that someone from the pizza parlor kept the woman from copping a sunday from behind. At that point, he's set himself to go to jail.

In 2005, fighting is bad juju. Self defense is about timing and awareness. And respect. It starts with respect, and it ends with respect. Treat others with respect, and usually, this kind of thing doesn't happen. But if you're certain to be a victim, learn to fall down right away, act badly hurt, and protect your head; or learn to hit first, hit often, and hit as dirty and low as you need.
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