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Ron Tisdale
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

One thing that I noticed is the difference between the employee's reaction and that of the victim. Notice how the employee starts to go after Sims, then quickly changes his mind and gets back behind the counter the instant he sees the boyfriend. Also note that both the 'boyfriend' and Sims quickly change their focus once the employee is behind the counter...either they deemed it too hard or too dangerous to go back there. Very predatory in nature.

The next thing I notice is that the victim does some pretty typical chest bumping with Sims even though her 'boyfriend' is standing right behind her. I have to wonder why he would allow the dialogue to continue once that HUGE man walked in. I think I'd have been pretty busy doing anything to diffuse the situation at that point, even appologizing. Not because I meant it, but just to save my butt.

I have no idea what would work well once it goes to violence in that situation. The attacker would easily have 100 pounds on me...there's limited space to move, no one is helping, and the boyfriend clearly is willing to be the bully he is. Taking someone that large at that range down is probably harder than some grapplers will admit. And not a good idea with a large woman who is obviously willing to get physical right there. The best bet is to de-escalate while not leaving major openings, hands up (not down and out to the side) and open, side step to the door without turning your back, let the guy know you think its his world, and you are leaving.

It might sound cowardly, but frankly, without a weapon, I don't see the point of trying to 'fight' with someone like that. At that size differential, you may very well be looking at a fight for your life...and you'd better treat it as such. The first thing is get off that phone...if he had done that right away he would have seen the boyfriend come in and could have slipped out while he was focused on the employee.

In terms of technique, the only thing I can really say is that if your aren't looking down when the punch is coming, move with it toward the door and extend the guys balance as much as dojo settings I find it much safer to extend someone that size beyond their balance point. Then a quick step back in on the outside and hiji-shime the punching arm for a hyperextended elbow before running like hell...


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