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Re: Equitable?

Bronson Diffin wrote:
Perhaps Stan Pranin should make available the list of all people invited to teach along with the list of those who accepted.
I don't really think that's anybody's business but his and the invitees who declined. Politics, health, family issues, etc are and should be private matters in this situation.
I worked with Jun on several aikido-l seminars including working up lists of instructors to invite.
The pool of high ranking instructors is numerically tilted towards men. From this pool, there may be many people representing one style of aikido. And in fact, many of the high ranking women I know of are within mainstream Aikikai Hombu--this may reflect my area of strongest knowledge or it may reflect an actual numerical concentration. Clearly in events such as aikido-l seminar, AikiExpo, etc, the primary focus is on presenting a variety of styles.
So its priorities.

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