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Re: Poll: How meaningful is your aikido rank to you?

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
I think such changes with time. In the1980s rank was everything to me as I had very little at the time, but now it means very little.
Kinda like money, you don't notice it, if you have it.

Which rank, then? my first level in Wing Tsun? I had fun getting that. My shodan in Seidokan Aikido? I really aimed for that one, broke myself a couple of times getting there, then just kinda threw it away.. my equivalent to brown belt in Kokoro Ryu?

I teach classes, and we're all sorry when time is up.
I train, and I hate to stop.

I'm not sure that's a function of my rank, though.

I'm rich beyond words, in a variety of experiences.
What my actual rank is worth, is a function of my own confidence, and the charity and vision of the person with whom I can train.

It's like time.. an arbitrary measure of an infinite thing.

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