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Mike Sigman
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Re: Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Craig Hocker wrote:
I would like to see you guys demonstrate in person what you mean by "chin tucked in" or "chin out",

otherwise I am staying out of this discussion.

Mike, you could come to the national conference in June in Las Vegas and ask Tohei Sensei's son.

personally my chin is where it is so I don't create tension.
The conference idea is tempting, although I am in the middle of a novel that takes place in Las Vegas and I just privately swore to myself that I would never go there again. Is there a URL with some info? I'll look at it.

The question I was asking was in response to the idea that Tohei directly promulgated the "chin not held in" idea. That is what interested me about Ted's remark and why I asked the question.

In regard to "not creating tension", that's sort of in line with my comments somewhere previously about what "relax" really means. To someone who has practiced a given posture, for example, he will feel that he is "relaxed" while a beginner to that posture might feel some strain and tension. I.e., the idea of "relax" is actually subjective; if you're really relaxed, you would crumple to the floor. So there is always a certain amount of tension, even if you personally indicate that you try to avoid tension. The other side of the coin is that some tension is actually desirable and a "good" posture may include as much tension as is required to sustain that posture. I think you see the point, so I won't belabor it more than necessary. Tucking the chin in serves a purpose... that's why I was curious if Tohei actually was on record somewhere to get rid of that particular item.


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