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Re: Equitable?

someone earlier said something along the lines of "what happend to the harmony" but to me harmony is balance and there is no balance in a room that has 33 male instructors and only 2 female.

but i do also agree that instructors should never be chosen because of gender... they should be chosen by their skills

but maybe women would be recognized for their skills in aikido if EVERYONE had the mentality that women could be as equally skilled as men.... then we would start to shine through and be noticed.

i think we can all admit that when someone says "an aikido master" we naturally picture a man in a hakama. but if these thoughts were changed to say that anywhere a man could be, a woman is just as likely to be there with him; then women would truly start to be equals--when we are equal in peoples brains not just saying that we are allowed to do anything a man can.
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