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Mike Sigman
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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Rob Liberti wrote:
In that example, I don't know how to imagine a ground path and I have no idea how to imagine a first or second down but I'd like to read more about that.
Rob, there are specific answers about how to do this, but it's sort of a "second-generation" question. I.e., there are things that someone should understand first and then the answer to this part comes into play. What you're looking for has to do with some of the points of "how to" I've already mentioned and it also includes something to do with the question by Ted about why the chin is tucked in, why Yoshinkan thinks they should spread their fingers, and so on. My position is that trying to explain beyond the level a conversation on the web can support is probably a waste of time. If I had had some indication that we were all on the same plane in general understanding, I wouldn't mind laying out my views on each facet, but my impression is that we need to keep the conversations focused around a few simple topics until we either reach a consensus of understanding or (and this appears quite possible on this forum) basic ideas are simply rejected.


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