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Mike Sigman
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Re: Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Ted Ehara wrote:
Then "What is a real and demonstrable reason why the chin is tucked in for development of actual Ki?". What is your definition of ki and kokyu? How are they different in the above instance?
Well, wait a minute, Ted. Before I get dragged into explaining something that will take me forever to write and even then might not be clear to someone just reading it, let's re-focus on the question that I originally asked..... WHERE does Tohei say that the chin should not be tucked in? In what book, speech, etc.? That was what I asked. Your reply was:

K." Tohei suggested sitting in seiza to do ki meditation in Book of Ki. People sit in seiza everyday and never tuck in their chin. Sitting cross-leg or sitting in a chair are other ways you can do ki meditation. The idea is to relax and sit naturally. "

That doesn't show Tohei saying to relax such that the chin goes forward, so before we start a discussion of why the chin comes in, let's deal with first things first.

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