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Re: Functional Ki Skills

To me the most effective thing is for me to learn how to do something in a couple different ways becuase comparing and contrasing helps me figure out what's really happening.

No doubt that I must be muscling my arm out when I feel that ache from being pushed from that position. (I'm not telling anyone to relax _like me_.) In general, I am pretty good at lengthening and widening, and balancing my expansion. But, when I do certain things like kotegeri (rotate the tip of the sword clockwise - as you move left, and then cut for a wrist as you move forward) my right arm - which is basically just the fulcrum and barely moves gets that ache if I repeat this drill for a short while. I assume I need to learn how to hold my arm more efficiently, but I had no good insights to this. I think I got something pretty valuable from Craig's response. I think I hold my arm out too straight in that position (I don't think I have my elbow bent to the degree it would have been in when my arm hangs naturally to my side) . I have a lot of practice to do.

In that example, I don't know how to imagine a ground path and I have no idea how to imagine a first or second down but I'd like to read more about that.

I also hit this ache once and a while when some sempai puts a ton of weight on my arms in free waza - but I just bend my legs more and move with it to avoid this alignment problem. With sword, you are holding the weight, so it's not too easy to avoid.

Anyway, thanks - Rob
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