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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Mike Sigman wrote:
Then why do they physically test it, if it's not physical, Ted?"Down" is a direction, implying a path, Ted. I.e., why not think "up" when someone pushes you, if there is no concern for a path and direction?
actually, I prefer not to think.

and just float.

Ted didn't say
it's not physical
he said
it's not JUST physical
besides, the physical test is not a direct test of Ki or oneness of mind and body, it is a test of the physical side effects of having oneness of mind and body. The measurement done properly is just as valid as many measurements made in modern physics that indirectly measure some property of a thing.

a couple of examples
presence of a neutrino

Functional MRI, based on a technique called "blood oxygen level dependent" scanning.

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