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Originally posted by ian
I thought Misogi was ritual purification through diving under waterfalls - I didn't realise it could be done in the way you describe.
I believe you can do pretty much anything, but obviosly shomen cuts are more feasible than most things.
We did over 3000, but probably not close to 3500. It's easier with a group to help keep you going, but after five minutes it's more a mental exercise than a physical anyhow. (Your body sorts itself out and relaxes, but your mind keeps on telling you you can't last.)
Our sensei told us the time after 20 and 40 minutes, and nobody believed him. The first twenty is far far worse than the rest together.
Some of the people I did it with said the wall started moving on them. One couldn't stop his rear leg jumping. My rear leg went numb a few times. A few people got little blisters on their palms.

It was actually quite enjoyable, once it was finished.

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