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Re: Grading Issues and Questions :MAD:

Tiyler Durden wrote:

I truly think you are completely missing the point here!
I am not saying that I cannot afford it, nor am I in financial difficulties!

What I am asking is WHY!!
I got it just fine.

I was allowing for the fact that it might have been due to personal financial difficulties, instead of just a drink often had with cheese.

It's for ranks being recognised elsewhere. As much as you don't care, most of your classmates probably do.
It's for having the connections to get instructors, coming out for seminars. Obata Sensei has enough affiliated schools to visit in a year, without coming to some whatever school that isn't even in his organisation.
It's for lots of stuff you don't see.

If you don't care about that that, find another dojo that doesn't belong to such an organisation. You might have trouble.

So once again, it is _literally_ the. cost. of. doing. business.
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