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Re: Functional Ki Skills

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hey Craig, any advice about the ache in the back/ back shoulder muscle(s) problem? I only really know how to avoid it - instead of how to deal with it. Am I alone on that problem?
This is purely a guess. No guarantees implied. I am not exactly sure what you mean by push down (is this unbendable arm ?, is this someone grabbing you ? )

try bringing your hand up to your chest level by just using only your elbow joint and then do a shoulder check. I like
to roll my shoulders a bit in this position because I can feel if I started to hold or am holding tension in shoulder muscles (traps, delts, etc.). Take stock of it feels and then extend your hand forward to about the position where your elbow would have the bend if your arm was hanging naturally at your side. you may feel some tension a little chest or fron part of shoulder, make sure this is an "expanding open feeling" and the chest remains open and the knees stay relaxed/flexible to keep the lower back relaxed.

their should be a lightness, floating feeling maintained as pressure is applied, in counteracting of force is done with the lower body. The back and shoulder and arm just maintain where they are. This I find hard to describe without getting either to detailed or too physiologically inaccurate - it
is a combination of body/kinesthetic sense and proprioceptive responses and sense of touch.

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