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Greg Jennings
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Re: Where does the money go?

John Matsushima wrote:
If so many dojo's are claiming to be non-profit organizations, then why is there so much money involved, and where does it go? These "dues" to aikido organizations, what are they for, and whose pocket do they go to? Are these organizations really "non-profit"? Why does it cost so much for testing, especially for dan tests, which can cost hundreds of dollars?
Where does the money go when you have 30+ people paying $50-$100 for a seminar? Just think about it. When there are hundreds of dojo's within an organization, with hundreds of people paying hundreds of dollars, where does it all go?
Well, John, if you *really* want to know vice just drop a troll bomb, why don't you get involved?

Volunteer to help your dojo with book keeping; volunteer to put on a seminar; better yet, volunteer to cover, out of your own pocket, the shortfalls for normal and/or seminar expenses.

Having done both for years, I think you'll find that the question isn't where the money goes, but where the money *comes from*. The answer is usually out of the organizer's pockets.


Greg Jennings
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