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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Well, I guess it would depend on *which* hombu you were training at... since some hombu do use the practice of lining up by rank.

Its interesting though...I do know one school that had a tradition of lining up by rank...the instructor now simply wants an orderly line, irrespective of rank for the most part (the senior student still leads the opening and closing rei). There is even a class where only the instructor and his assistant typically wear their black belt...just about everyone else wears white. At first there was a mad scramble for everyone to get their 'real' obi for the next class...but now many people just continue wearing their white belt for all three sessions.

I'm of two minds about a dojo where aikido is thought of as culture, it may be important to understand the traditions, their place in the original society, and the meaning/purpose behind them. On the other hand, you can only transplant so much of the original culture without warping it (and perhaps fostering some of the things Charles and Saotome Sensei are/were thinking of). I guess as with most things, its a thin line...


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