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Re: Grading Issues and Questions :MAD:


Whats the going rate for teaching ikkyo? Whats it worth?

I find public financial quibbling over this a bit distasteful when the gifts that a top instructor can give are priceless.

This to me smacks of 'sports centre mentality' ...I dont see aikido this way.

I suggest you ask your Instructor why your club is in the Federation it is in.

Is he head of the federation...or does he take instruction from a technical adviser that is senior to him? If this is the case...theres your benefit! Access to instructors that can improve your instructor!

I've spent a lot of years with someone that refuses to take money for teaching since he then feels that he has to give something in return. He prefers to act as a guide and leaves the choice of whether to accept his gifts up to the student.

For this reason I find it hard to link money and aikido....but there are always bills to pay.

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