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Charles Hill
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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Bronson Diffin wrote:
I think that blaming things like hakama, lining up by ranks, or competition (in reference to a different thread) for egotistical behavior is like me blaming my fork because I'm fat.
I don`t think Saotome Sensei`s point was that due to hakama policy that people are egotistical, but I`ll have to read the book again to be sure. I guess it could also be taken as a symptom, not a cause.

In Japanese culture, it is important to know where one stands in relation to another. Maybe that is where the lining up by ranks comes from. But then again, as Prof. Goldsbury pointed out, it is not down at Aikikai Honbu. In a non-Japanese culture, I am not sure it is necessary.

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