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Re: Grading Issues and Questions :MAD:

Tiyler Durden wrote:
Hey All,

Well I am usually not the one to gripe about things but I have chewed this over and cannot come to terms with it and maybe you can help me with it!
Well last week I was asked to bring in a pass port photo for my licence as grading was up and coming (This is where it starts).
Now I pay my Sensei 50 Euros a month for him to train me and to help pay for the dojo space etc...
Yet I also Pay around 80 Euros a year into the Shinkendo Federation! Yet also on top of that I have to pay from 20 - 35 Euros for grading, depending on what I grade for...

My question is Why? why do I have to pay into a federation when I get nothing in return for this! I still pay My sensei for the training yet I have to pay for my grading as well as into a "Federation"?

This kind of leaves me with a nasty taste in my mouth and also makes me think "WHY SHOULD I GRADE"? as I cannot afford this every 2 - 3 months....

What do you say?

Peace, love.


"Osu" comes to mind.

"20-35 euros: wait til you get to Shodan" also comes to mind.

If it's a financial thing that you can't afford it, then maybe you can make some arrangement with your sensei.

If it's just "this is unfair", then get over it. It's the price of doing business. What if you go to another Shinkendo federation in another country? Your federation dues mean that your rank is at least recognised. That may mean something, or it may not: YMMV.

That, or join a dojo that doesn't grade.
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