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Angry Grading Issues and Questions :MAD:

Hey All,

Well I am usually not the one to gripe about things but I have chewed this over and cannot come to terms with it and maybe you can help me with it!
Well last week I was asked to bring in a pass port photo for my licence as grading was up and coming (This is where it starts).
Now I pay my Sensei 50 Euros a month for him to train me and to help pay for the dojo space etc...
Yet I also Pay around 80 Euros a year into the Shinkendo Federation! Yet also on top of that I have to pay from 20 - 35 Euros for grading, depending on what I grade for...

My question is Why? why do I have to pay into a federation when I get nothing in return for this! I still pay My sensei for the training yet I have to pay for my grading as well as into a "Federation"?

This kind of leaves me with a nasty taste in my mouth and also makes me think "WHY SHOULD I GRADE"? as I cannot afford this every 2 - 3 months....

What do you say?

Peace, love.


"Deal with the faults as gently a your own"
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