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New Feature: AikiWeb AikiBlogs!

Hi everyone,

Although it's not technically a "new" feature as it it's been on AikiWeb for some time by the name of the "journals" section, but since I just updated its software, I thought I'd rechristen it into the AikiWeb AikiBlogs!

The AikiWeb AikiBlogs already features 1,377 blog entries and 286 comments in 58 AikiBlogs, making it the most active aikido related blog collection in the world!

By using the AikiWeb AikiBlogs, you'll be able to share your thoughts, experiences, and insights about aikido with the world and draw comments from AikiWeb members from all across the world. You'll even be able to search through all of the current entries for likeminded ideas. Each entry (and blog) can be accompanied by a "mood" icon and also may be marked private, viewable only by select AikiWeb members of your own choosing.

Also, if you want to keep up with all of the entries in the AikiBlogs, simply point your RSS feed reader to the RSS feed located in each individual AikiBlog to keep up with that author's AikiBlog or to one of the feeds this page <> if you want to subscribe to all of the AikiBlogs.

I hope everyone finds the AikiWeb AikiBlogs interesting and useful. Enjoy!

-- Jun

PS: If you encounter any bugs, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

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