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Re: Seiza by ranks?

Charles Hill wrote:
I can`t help thinking that lining up by rank is similar to the problem that Saotome Sensei saw in dojo where only yudansha wore hakama. He wrote in one of his books that at such dojo, the yudansha were often egotistical. I can see this being the same in the idea of lining up by rank.
I think that blaming things like hakama, lining up by ranks, or competition (in reference to a different thread) for egotistical behavior is like me blaming my fork because I'm fat. The egotistical behavior happens because the dojo culture somehow supports it. It's the Sensei's responsibility to guide the culture in the dojo so that these things don't happen. It is completely and realistically possible to have all of these things (and others) without encouraging egotistical behavior in the students. I'd say that changing these things in an attempt to curb egotistical behavior would be like putting a band-aid on a severed might stop the bleeding but it doesn't fix the problem.

Just my take.


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