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Re: Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Can anyone point me to a reference in which Tohei espouses letting the chin out, please? Thanks.

K. Tohei suggested sitting in seiza to do ki meditation in Book of Ki. People sit in seiza everyday and never tuck in their chin. Sitting cross-leg or sitting in a chair are other ways you can do ki meditation. The idea is to relax and sit naturally. These different ways of sitting are all subject to ki tests.

When you take some formal posture, you usually introduce some tension in the body. This makes it hard to pass a ki test. During one period, K. Tohei was ki testing zen priests in Japan. I heard none of them passed. I believe their practice of taking a formal posture had much to do with this.

Further information on ki meditation can be found in Ki : A Road That Anyone Can Walk and Ki : A Practical Guide to Westerners by William Reed.

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