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Ermek Apazov
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Re: Private Lessons

Ben McClean wrote:
Hi everyone, I have been training Aikido now for about four months and up until four weeks ago I was training three times a week with seminars in between. Now i can only train once a week because of a new job I have. I have the opportunity to take private lessons during the week with Sensei at times that we are both available.

The question I'm asking is do you think that private lesson are as good ( do you get as much out of them ) as you would a group lesson?

Everybody's advise would be much appreciated.

Thanks Ben
Mr. Ben
That's good that you are training in aikido.So if I were in your shoes i would train with a group, cuz it is more interesting, but on the other hand you have a good chance to acquire more things that your sensei would teach you, you will be more concentrate and useful.It just depend on your will.Its up to you man
Regards Ermek
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