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Alvin H. Nagasawa
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Re: Double Blade technique please help

IMO, I looks like you and your friend. is trying to demo a double blade kata under a Aikido label.
You are collage students, How many years of experience do you and your friend have with weapons?. or even to consider a double blade sword technique for your demo. Just because you seen it in another demo. Have you the skills in this type of technique. dose your Instructor, or did you ever consider asking your instructors permission?.

IMO, trying to do something that is out of line of your normal training. I would be a embarrassment to your club, Instructor and collage. If you preform poorly, other MA clubs would not think of Aikido very highly after that. Don't embarrass the name of Aikido and the people who read this thread you submitted.

I know you want to put your club on the map in your collage. But you must consider your inexperience and trying to preform something dangerous and not in line with your normal Aikido training. Don't put your club's repetition on the line, with out thinking over your decision before moving on.

Lone Wolf of San Jose
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