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Re: Aikido3D

I saw it at the USAF-East summer camp. They had Donovan Waite Shihan and, I think, one of the NY Aikikai deshi put on motion capture suits. They performed the techniques and the suits allowed their motions to be inputed into 3D software.

The resulting virtual uke moves like Donovan. The style is fairly standard Aikikai.

The software allows you to speed up, slow down, zoom in and view from any angle the basic techniques of Aikido. It's supposed to be a sort of textbook to supplement, not replace, training in the dojo.

The optional spiral attached to the virtual nage's center is a bit dorky.

The virtual Donovan has a removable hakama, so you can see the footwork. At the premiere, it was suggested, by someone who will remain nameless and who is not necessarily me, that the authors might be able to make more money if the hakama removal option was expanded to other items of clothing.

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