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Re: Falling in love with Sensei

Joseph Bowen wrote:
Our contributions, since we don't have editorial control over the board, are to remind people to not ask questions they are not prepared to answer about themselves. To put it another way, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't ask people to dredge up painful experiences, just to satisfy your morbid curiosity.
Well...I'm the person who resurrected this thread, and I'm perfectly willing to answer these questions about myself. I developed very strong feelings for my own sensei and was finding it hard to separate my feelings for him from my love for martial arts. I did not ask Janet any questions out of morbid curiosity, but out of personal pain. I was hoping to know more about how she was able to disengage herself from personal feelings for her sensei, because I needed to do that myself. I would have contacted her privately, but she did not make her private email available.

Please do remember that Janet brought her situation to this board herself. She has been very open and honest, and as I said in a previous post, I appreciate and honor that. She had the option of ignoring the more personal questions I asked, and that's what she has chosen to do.

One of the benefits of the Internet, I think, is that it allows us to discuss things which are important to us, but which we might all feel much less comfortable discussing in person.

I appreciate all the recent postings warning about the dangers of sensei-student relationships; this has been helpful to me and I'm sure to other people.
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