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Question Re: Falling in love with Sensei

Be very careful here. As an Aikido teacher I can tell you that this is a huge trap for a teacher. If we were mental health professionals or lawyers, or doctors we would have had ethics training as part of our professional development. Standards would have set out for what was considered acceptable and not acceptable behavior with those entrusted to ones care.

In the case of Aikido, those of us who are running dojos not only didn't get the least training in the ethics of relating to students, especially in the area of relationships and sex, but most of our role models were horrible.
Many of my instructors are/were professionals outside of Aikido. To my knowledge, all have had exposure to such professional standards of ethics, and abide by them.

Do the national and international "umbrella" Aikido (MAF, USAF, AAA, etc, ) organizations have ethics policies as a part of their bylaws?

If so, they need to be refreshed on a regualr basis; if not, they need to be enacted.

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